Universal Car Emergency Wheel Tire Snow Anti-skid Emergency Chain for Car Off road Vehicle SUV Winter Safety Driving: 10PCS

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100% brand new
Escort your safe travel.
Improved upgrades can be used multiple times.
Suitable for all kinds of road conditions.
Easy to install and easy to store.
[product name]: cable tie chain
[product material]: nylon
[product color]: red
[product net weight]: 440g
[product size]: 94cm


1. Wide range of use, not limited to snow, small road area, snowy road that melts quickly, the use of encrypted chain is too wasteful, the encrypted chain on the oil road wears a lot, the noise is much, and it looks a little bit loaded. Ridiculous exaggeration, no snow chains and no, this emergency chain is just right! Of course, the emergency chain is just right! Of course, it is also used for snowy roads.

2. When the outdoor encounters slippery road surface or mud pit, the encryption type snow chain is difficult to install in the mud pit, and this chain can be easily installed to solve the problem.

3, according to the size of the tire. On the road, free to choose
the number of chains